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Stephanie is an English ex-pat living in France with her family and a lot of animals, including llamas and carp. She was a bestselling author in Ireland, where she lived for 15 years before she moved to her new home in France. Stephanie has recently relaunched her writing career, but this time as an indie ebook author and publisher.
It's the twenty-first century after all!

Steph's novel Oh Auntie! is kindly being given away FREE to registered users of CountryWord.

Pat O'Driscoll is a bit of an anomaly who only exists is the head of children's writer - Andy Frazier. As some of his work is unsuitable for children, Pat was born out of necessity, for some reason, near Dublin.
Pat's first series of novels are about a hapless character called Try Hard who, somewhere in the authors distant past, possibly existed. You cant help feeling sorry for poor Trevor Hard who's hopeless attempts with women or at doing anything remotely practical come over as hilarious. But by far his funniest attribute is that of the council of voices he hears in his head, each one offering him guidance and confusing advice, inevitably with catastrophic results.

With 2 novels now published by Chauffour Books, Hard is gaining a bit of ground amongst a the humour genre on Amazon.

Trevor Rowe was born in Kent, England, and has travelled extensively both with his father who had a long career in the British Army and, subsequently, during Trevor’s 34 year career in the Royal Air Force.
He 'retired' as a Wing Commander in 1993 and after a two year spell with BAe in Saudi Arabia, between long visits to the USA, quite by accident he and Sue fell into house-sitting one summer.
Trevor’s interests include golf, the guitar and singing, and his (beloved—Sue says) computers!
He and Sue live adjacent to the Stray in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate on the edge of the Yorkshire dales.

Trevor's debut novel - Another Day, Another Dog - is listed under Diaries and Biographies on this site here.