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 2012-06-14Welcome to CountryWord
Written by: Andy Frazier

Welcome to

Over the last couple of years, the publishing industry has gone through monumental evolution with the invention of digital readers.

Although there are other devices, most of us are aware that at present the marketplace is dominated by one main player – Amazon. Is that a bad thing? I’m not sure. Because, when once you could just make a quick search on Amazon – or Google for that matter – for a genre you are interested in, you now get swamped with 1000’s of titles, many of which are of no interest. Even those that are of interest are often badly written and presented since Amazon applies little or no regulation to its content – as long as it makes them money.

As an independent author, I have for a while aspired to get my work represented on smaller more specialised websites, where a buyer can go to find work of a specific genre that guarantees a degree of quality.

After all, if you want to buy shoes, why not have all the shoe shops in one street? Then, if its wellies you need, they will be there on display in the window, not hidden in the back of some superstore.

With that in mind, over the last year, we decided to develop our own specialised store based around a subject in which I have been involved all my life - the countryside.

CountryWord has a few objectives.

1. To help the buyer easily find quality books in one genre and purchase them simply from reliable sources.

2. Offer a chance to independent authors in this genre to get their work direct to a rural audience, using their existing sales channels.

3. To encourage many of those in the countryside who have yet to go down the e-reader route, by showing them what a diverse range of books are out there at such bargain prices.

Having got the store in place, we now want to hear from all of you out there, be it registering on the site as a buyer or seller – hence we are offering some incentive freebies to encourage you.

We also need you to spread the word – and will be offering incentives on that score soon as well.

We also want reviews of our books and your views on what we are doing. Without that, we will never succeed.

Thank you for dropping by – please stay in touch

Yours truly,

Andy Frazier