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Book reviews are essential to the modern writing process. In this day when just about anyone can write a book and get it digitally published, it is difficult for the buyer to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Although at CountryWord we like to think our book selections are hand-picked, it is the quality of the reviews that justify our choice, not the amount of sales.Over the next year or so, we intend to build a substantial list of reviews by our readers that will be helpful to others - and will even be rewarding readers prepared to submit honest reviews to help us with this quest.

Isolation Shepherd by Iain R. Thomson - Review by: Andy Howell

There is much to admire about this timeless account of a more genuine and innocent time. I guess it will be in print for a long time. Recommended.
Nickers off Ready when I come home - by Jonathan Mountfort - Review by: Pat O'Driscoll

A great cheeky look at some of Englands more forgotten towns
French Fried by Chris Dolley - Review by: Stephanie Dagg

This book is literally laugh-out-loud funny. Itís hugely entertaining, as well as being deeply worrying.
A Parrott in my soup by Andy Frazier - Review by: Jacqui Brown

Despite him covering as many lows as highs in his life, I found both books to be very entertaining. They are extracts of a column he writes, so written very much like a blog, which means you are carried along in Andyís world (which often extends outside of France too), always wanting to know what comes next.